About Us

First Impression Woodworking was established in June of 2010
Although I have experience in all trades for well over 25 years the company name itself is realitively new.
After many years in the trades it became very noticable that there was a great lack in fine workmanship as well as a lack of care and attention to details. The words "That is good enough" or "That will do" were all to common and showing up in near every property both Commercial and Residential that I was call upon to fix or repair other companies work. It came as little surprise when I provided the care and attention to details as well as taking the time to explain to clients what could be done to repair previous work and the difference providing the care and attention to detail would make that the end results proved that there was indeed a need in the industry for more then the "That will do attitude". The way in which I was raised never allowed for that type of attitude, instead it was "If you are going to do something, Do it right.
Through the years this has proven very true and clients really do appreciate the little extras.
Let us prove to you today what a difference we can make to your property. Simply call or us the contact us form.