First Impression Woodworking takes interior painting to a different level by several procedures that most completely skip over.



First and foremost before interior painting is the preparation of the surface:

    Making sure the surface is properly cleaned, A lot of people turn to TSP for this and sadly this is a mistake as it is corrosive as well leaves a very chaulky film even after intense rinsing.

A good qualitly detergent is used unless a stronger solution is required of which there is several great products on the market
    Nail holes, cracks, dents and other flaws are patched
    Complete section is primed using one of the following depending on requirements: Killz 2, Killz Premium or Killz Max. Even when using a paint and primer combination paint the results of a coat of primer are far superior not only for durability but all three have a high glue content which toughens the surface as well as superior adhesion.

Application :

    I am an exclusive user of Behr paint (when benefits are described ever client agrees) as it has a far superior finish in one coat then most paints with two to three coats, Unmatched customer service from the Behr company and local representitive, A very strong gaurentee on their products.
    While interior painting with Behr,  In most cases 1 coat will usually be more then satifactory we do recommend the 2nd coat even though Behr paint will cover in 1 coat there is a chemical bonding that occurs with the 2nd coat giving a far superior finish, In most cases we will leave this up to the clients discretion after the above is explained.
    Our color matching experience in combination with Behr’s color matching gets the color you want or need to match existing color schemes.
    We take the time nessesary to do a professional job that both we and the client can be proud of for years to come, No rushing slapping paint on nor applying in adverse weather conditions as this can trap moisture between new paint and the material underneath.
    Very competitive interior painting pricing along with going above and beyond expectations.


interior painting before
interior painting after